At Renewable Connections we don’t just develop renewable energy projects. We also work closely with many of the communities we’re active in.

Our team are passionate about renewable energy and sharing their knowledge and expertise.

Educational Activity

Our team have delivered Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) focused presentations to high school pupils, helping them understand renewable energy technology and promoting careers in the sector. For younger pupils our work has included delivering solar robot kits which can help pupils learn about how solar works as well as fine tune their coordination and motor skills.

We’re also very keen to work with schools local to our solar farms and once operational, where possible, will arrange school visits.

Case Studies

Berkhamsted School

Renewable Connections put together an educational presentation for Berkhamsted school for their GCSE Geography class. The presentation looked at what Renewable Connections do, solar and battery in the UK, how different renewable technologies work, benefits and impacts of renewable energy, how to develop a solar site, careers in renewables and how to be more sustainable. As a whole the students loved the interactivity, and we hope to deliver the presentation to any schools open to it surrounding our solar sites.

Philip Morant School & College in Colchester

Our grid connection engineer attended a local secondary school for a careers fair. She visited a group of year 11 students to discuss their options for post-16 education.

Rebecca conducted a workshop to demonstrate the logic and skills that go into engineering and discussed the various routes that are available in the field. She also focused on the renewable industry and the opportunities it holds.

Community Benefits and Outreach

At Renewable Connections each project typically contributes to the local Parish or community council depending on the final capacity of the panels installed.  Usually, it is around £2K per MW. For each of our projects, we are committed to setting up community benefit fund to be made available, to support local projects including things such as helping to build a community hall, installing EV charging points, improving broadband and other sustainable initiatives. We always welcome suggestions from communities as to what local projects might be able to benefit from the solar community benefit fund.

We regularly host consultation events for our developments and reach out to parish and Community Councils to engage with them. 

With an outstanding success record of achieving project consents, our team are unlocking hundreds of megawatts of solar and storage, increasing energy independence in the UK, and supporting the Government to reach its net zero targets. We are committed to developing high quality projects which see benefits delivered to local residents and the natural environment.

We recently we hosted a visit for MP Peter Grant to one of our Scottish developments.

Peter Grant MP

“In Fife we get a lot more sun than people realise and there’s no doubt that solar power will have a key role to play in providing sustainable, secure and genuinely renewable energy to meet our domestic, commercial and industrial needs.“