3 Jan, 2023
  • Church Farm Solar Farm will generate up to 49.9 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy
  • East Midlands project approved by Rushcliffe Borough Council planning committee
  • Significant biodiversity benefits and £98,000 community benefit fund

Renewable Connections, one of the UK’s leading solar and battery developers, has received consent for its eleventh project this year, it’s thirteenth consecutive project consent in two years.

Rushcliffe Borough Council approved the 49.9MW Church Farm Solar Farm which will generate enough power for up to 14,000 homes annually on the 10th November 2022.  The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has now ratified the decision.

Church Farm Solar Farm near Kingston on Soar in the East Midlands will make a meaningful contribution to the UK’s energy needs. Over the lifetime of the project, it could save an estimated 268,000 tonnes of CO2 from being emitted. This is around the same reduction in carbon emissions as taking over 150,000 cars off UK roads.

John Leith, Development Director at Renewable Connections said: “This project will play an integral role in helping Rushcliffe Borough Council meet its own Climate Emergency objectives.   As well as providing energy for up to 14,000 homes, it will also achieve a substantial biodiversity net gain of 93% and provide significant benefits to local wildlife.  Throughout the project development we engaged with local people, statutory consultees and Council officers, who’s support has been much appreciated.  We made aa number of improvement to the design of the project as a result of the local community’s feedback.”

The construction of the solar farm will involve the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels, which convert sunlight directly into renewable electricity.  The project has been developed in partnership with European Energy (EE) and once operational will have a lifespan of up to forty years.